Musical Glitch

I’ve followed a group called “The Glitch Mob” for some time now, and they’ve recently been putting out a lot of good stuff. If you’re any sort of electronic music fan you will love their latest remix of “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes (be sure to blast it at 2:20). Some other great remixes include “Monday” by Nalepa, and one of my all time favorites “West Coast Rocks” by Matty G. The Glitch Mob has also recently released their first album called “Drink The Sea”, which is a little different from their remixes. The album is almost entirely instrumental but with the same distorted, skipping sound of their remixes. If you give this stuff a listen and decide you like the “Glitch Hop” genre, then there is another more underground album you should check out. The album is titled “Crying Over Pros For No Reason” by one of the three Glitch Mob members, Ed Ma (or his stage name edIT). This album strays a little farther from the mainstream sound of “Drink the Sea” and features more distortion, bit rate reduction, and hardware noise layered over calm, though provoking instrumentals.