PlayStation Network Outage

So for those of you who haven’t been following the news, don’t own a PS3, or simply haven’t cared enough to look until now, here is a quick summary of the problems Sony has had with its PlayStation Network. For the past 9 days Sony’s PS3 online network has been offline. The network went out in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday April 21, 2011. Over 70 million gamers were greeted with the infamous 80710A06 error code that day when they attempted to play their favorite game online. This was a huge disappointment for those of us (me) who bought Portal 2 on Tuesday, and those of us (me) with Call of Duty addictions. Oh and of course there was SOCOM 4 and Mortal Combat I think, but who cares about those game. Anyways, upon being graced with this error code, many users frantically checked their routers, reset their PS3’s, and attempted to tweak network settings, before finally going online with the problem. Initially Sony said that the servers were under maintenance and would be back up and running in a day or two, nothing to worry about right? Well after two days passed PlayStation owners began to worry. Sony reluctantly announced on day 3 that their servers not only were under maintenance, but that they had been hacked and the network was going under a complete rebuild with no completion date in sight. A few days passed and Sony was being pretty quiet about the situation without a single post on the United States PlayStation site or forums.  Finally on day 7 Sony had more bad news for us, apparently the hackers had attained all our personal information and our PlayStation Network accounts had been compromised, with a possibility of stolen credit card information. The situation quickly changed from bad to worse, as millions of gamers information was obtained, sold and violated . On day 8 the FBI got involved and the hunt for the hacker was on. In a recent post, Sony was projected to lose up to 24 billion dollars and the individual lawsuits followed suit. In other news Sony claimed that there was no evidence that any credit card information had been stolen, hopefully that news doesn’t change. Sony also announced that the network would be back up within a week and that users will be receiving some sort of compensation. Whoever this hacker(s) is they have a lot of talent, a gift from god and I applaud them for what they have accomplished, I also hope that he/she/they rot in prison for the billions of dollars of damage they caused and the overwhelming amount of grief they caused millions of gamers.